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The Real Trouble will come in the wake Essay

  • Submitted by: lagsinner
  • on May 20, 2008
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Below is an essay on "The Real Trouble will come in the wake" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

During the early 1900s China was in a plight a tragic problem had occurred where the fate of China is going in a downward spiral, this political cartoon portrays what China is going to become. China was in between many countries who were fighting to have the most spheres of influence over China.   In this cartoon the countries fighting were pictured as animals, these animals are each special symbols of their own country.
The animals each have their own representation of their country.   The British had the Lion, “The king of the beasts” which symbolizes the great power of the possessed by lions.   He also held the rifle which signifies the industrial power of the British.   The Russians had the powerful bear which symbolized the strength and size of Russia, the bear wielded the sword.   The Americans and Germans were the eagle, which has been a symbol of power since Ancient Roman time; these 2 countries tried to follow after the reputation of the Romans by being known as the eagle.   The 2 headed eagle for the Austria-Hungarians is a reference to being dominant.   The 2 headed eagle traced back to the Byzantine Empire who used the eagle to show their control over the land.   The dragon, associated with the Chinese was depicted as weak and dying.   The Chinese dragon hints at the plight china is going though and how it is helpless.
Circa 1900s China was going through hard times as many countries such as Austria, Italy, Russia, Germany, Britain, France, and Japan was trying to colonize China.   A few hundred miles away the United States took control of the Phillipines and also wanted part of the action going on in China and therefore arranged the Open Door Policy.   The Open Door Policy stated that China was to open it’s doors to all foreign trade.   The evilness of this new rule was that China had not been consulted with when this policy was made.   This policy contributed to the carving up of China into spheres of influence.   Many countries in Europe and Japan started...

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