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Raster and Vector Images Essay

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Raster and vector images play an important role in graphic designs. Raster and vector images differ in composition, scalability, size, format and approach to color. This essay will discuss these differences.
Raster images are made up of grids of individual squares. The squares are a grid of bits called pixels. If an image is created or displayed in grid of bits it is said to be a bit-mapped image. Raster images are bitmap images. Raster images are said to be digitalized because they are binary coded.
Vector images are made up of paths which consist of lines and curves.   The lines and curves can be expressed mathematical which makes vector images to be stored on mathematic rules of heights, widths, curves and ratios. Victor images contains points where paths starts and ends and colors that either boarder or fill the paths.
Raster images do not retain their quality when size is increased. Scaling up a raster image increases the size of each individual pixel and makes the raster image become blurry. Raster images dependent of resolution. It is difficult to increase or decrease a raster image without affecting its quality.
Vector images do not lose quality when scaled up. Because they consist of paths that can be expressed in mathematical equations, a vector image does not depend on resolution. It is not limited to individual dots or pixels. Once the image has been designed it can be resized to any size without losing quality.
Raster images can support a wide range of colors and are best suited for displaying continuous tone images such as photographs e.g. images taken from a digital camera. Scanned images are also raster images because the image when scanned is converted to a collection of pixels. The commonly used graphic program for working with raster images is Adobe Photoshop. Raster images can also be used for web graphics.
Graphics best suited for vector format are page layout, typed line art or...

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