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Radiology Techinician Career Essay

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Radiology Technician Career
  Have you ever heard about radiology ?   It just another word for X-ray . Radiology technicians are people who are specifically trained to run and use X-ray machines. Education is very important to a career in radiology technology .   There are many great reason to become a radiology technician :   two years degree , high salary , and numerous career options .
  Most radiology technology degree are two years degree . A radiology technology will teach you skills such as : medical terminology , the care and use of   X-ray   machines . In addition , you will learn how to prepare and administer basic medical test . Successfully full learning these skills will help you in the world of radiology technology .
  The radiology technician is one that pays quite well .   The radiology technician salary is also one that allows an individual to live comfortably .   For example , the salary of radiology technician is quite high such as Health Care : $18.37- $25.30 , Hospital : $18.54 - $25.58 , Medical services : $18.47 - $25.56   , etc. But safety   and   general   technical   is   quite   important in   this   field, so it is recommended that you take the profession seriously and get a decent educational background and get certificate and licensed.
  Finally , there are many great places that offer for radiology technician . A radiology technician takes X-ray   in   Health Care   , Hospital , and Medical services . This is an interesting and rewarding career choice for these interested in both health care and technology . You will be easily   to find a job when u graduated .
  In short , as you can see there are many advantages to become a radiology technician : high salary , numerous career options , etc . Importanly , you just need two years to finish it with two years degree ( 72 credit hours ) . So , now you know why do I chose radiology technician for my career ?

I . Introduction :
Thesis statement : There are many great reason to...

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