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Q&A Patol Babu Essay

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  • on March 16, 2012
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What for was Patol Babu wanted by the film production company? Why did Nishikanto Babu suggest his name?
Patol Babu was wanted by the film production company to do the role of an absent-minded pedestrian in his fifties who clashes with the hero of the film while the latter crossing a road. Nishikanto Babu suggested Patol Babu’s name because Patol was in his fifties and had a lot of acting experience years ago.
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How did Patol Babu react? Why?
Patol Babu was greatly excited to hear the offer. He felt that his long forgotten dreams were taking wings once again and that this small role would mark the beginning of a great actor.
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Why did Patol Babu abandon his factory job in Kanchrapara and settle down in Calcutta?
While in Kanchrapara, Patol Babu had a job in a factory along with his stage programs and a little popularity as a stage actor. With an offer from a British company, Hudson and Kimberley, Patol and his family came to Calcutta and settled down there.
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Why had Patol Babu lost his first job in Calcutta?
Patol Babu lost his job in the Calcutta company because the company suffered detrenchment due to World War and the heavy loss that Britain suffered in the war.
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What do you know about Patol Babu's days as a stage performer?
During his stay in Kanchrapara, outside Calcutta, Patol Babu was a well known stage actor. He could not think of anything but acting. He was a known actor in jatras, amateur theatricals and in plays put up by the club in his neighborhood. On countless occasions his name appeared in handbills. If not exaggerating, people used to buy tickets to see Patol Babu.
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Why was...

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