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Puritan Influence On New England Colonies Essay

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  • on December 14, 2011
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Ideas and values held by the Puritans from 1630 to the 1660’s influenced the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies in many ways. Puritans established the colony and therefore their image was cast upon all 3 divisions of colonial development.
Politically, Puritans influenced the New England colonies by controlling the governments of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, and Connecticut, as well as other early northern colonies. This control meant that the Puritans only recognized Congregationalism as the official religion. As well as religious control, for most colonies church membership was required in order to vote.
Puritans socially influenced the early colonies the most out of any of the 3 categories. Puritan religion not only had strict ideals, but the people that followed those ideals took their religion and made it encompass their entire life. There was a much wider age range in families due to families immigrating in groups from England. Families were also larger and healthier. As well as family life, Puritans enforced strict codes of conduct onto the residents of the colonies. Drunkenness was not allowed as well as card playing, dancing, and idleness. That’s right; you could be punished for doing nothing.   Most laws were based off the bible, which the Puritans took literally. Also, infidelity in marriage and homosexuality were both crimes that could be punished by death.
Economically, the Puritans who governed the colonies taxed the people for religious purposes like building chapels, etc. They also believed that the state was obliged to support and protect their one true church.

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