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Pulpitis Essay

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•   2.   builds primary dentin( formative organ of tooth(Pulp during   secondary dentin after(development of tooth   reparative(tooth eruption dentin in response to stimulation as long as odontoblast remain vital

•   most common cause of(3. Pulpitis   loss of teeth(dental pain in younger   usual cause is caries(persons penetrating the dentin

•   4. Pulpitis UNTREATED Death of pulp Spread of Infection throughapical foramina into periapical tissuesCauses Periapical Periodontitis

•   (4) Bacterial Cause( (3) Chemical Cause( (2) Thermal Cause( (1) Mechanical Cause(5. Causes of PulpalInflammation

•   6.   (1) Mechanical Cause(Causes of PulpalInflammation   traumatic( accident   iatrogenic damage for( dental procedure   atrrition( ( abrasion
•   (2) Thermal Cause(
7. Causes of PulpalInflammation ( uninsulated metallic restoration   during cavity preparation( ( polishing
•   (3) Chemical Cause(8. Causes of PulpalInflammation   arise from erosion(   or inappropriate use( of acidic dental material

•   9.   (4) Bacterial Cause(Causes of PulpalInflammation   can damage pulp( through toxins secreted by bacteria from caries
•   (1) Based on Severity of(10. Classification   (2) According to Involvement(Inflammation

•   11. (1) Based on Severity   (2)( (1) Reversible Pulpitis(of Inflammation   (4) Pulp Necrosis( (3) Pulp Degeneration(Irreversible Pulpitis

•   12. (1) Based on Severity   (1) Reversible Pulpitis(of Inflammation ( Symptomatic (acute)   (2) Irreversible Pulpitis( Aysptomatic (chronic)(   Acute( • Abnormally responsive to cold • Abnormally responsive to heat

•   13. (1) Based on Severity of   (2) Irreversible Pulpitis(Inflammation   Chronic( • Asymptomatic with pulp exposure • Hyperplastic • Internal resorption
•   14. (1) Based on Severity   (3) Pulp Degeneration(of Inflammation   (4) Pulp Necrosis( Calcific(

•   15. (2) According to   (2)( (1) According to Involvement(Involvement   (3) According to presence or(According to Severity absence...

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