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Problems Encountered By Human Resource Essay

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Discuss major problems encountered by human resource management in establishing and maintaining effective work relationships

No matter how well runs an organization, disputes, conflicts and grievances will inevitably arise. As individuals will have their own ideas and goals and it is only nature that in pursuing the agendas will sometimes be at odds with others with differing objectives and viewpoints.  
Life in business organizations is no different. In fact, today’s businesses are especially vulnerable to conflict. They employ an increasingly diverse workforce, operate in a complex, global economy, and navigate pressure to deal with rapid change and increased productivity requirements.
While all businesses contend with conflicts and disagreements, some are able to turn their experiences into learning and growth opportunities and others let the animosities devolve into anger, low morale, high turnover and employee lawsuits. The difference between positive and crippling results is directly connected to the organization’s ability to identify healthy versus unhealthy conflict, and to manage and resolve disputes and grievances before they get out of hand.
The tension or manifests created within an organization have an important impact upon the managerial function of it. In most cases conflict is the main and most evident cause that represents the problem in solving tensions in a group or organization. Conflict appears form pluralism of interests, aspirations, expectations, or divergent opinions.
The conflict itself can affect any kind of social relation where the subjects have different points of view.
Classified by its appearance in a working society, conflict could be:
a) Interindividual (between 2 people)
b) Intragroup (within a group)
c) Intergroup (between different groups)
d) Organizational (hierarchically, on a vertical or horizontal scale)
Conflict is manifested in 2 ways:
I. Explicit – strikes, rallies
II. Implicit (latent) –...

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