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Pro Gun Essay

  • Submitted by: smartguy2528
  • on November 22, 2012
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02 November 2012
                  Pro Guns
Many believe guns are just used to create mayhem in cities, destroy lives, and kill.   However many fail to see that guns demonstrate immense safety, positive impacts on nature, and harmless recreation which all prove that guns are absolutely no reason to be fearful.   Many Americans blow the gun ordeal out of proportion; causing others to become worried yet, little do they know, many studies have been conducted to prove how guns are not as dangerous as a vast majority of people assume that there are more deaths by drunk driving than gun murders. A study released by the National Highway Safety Administration showed fifteen thousand people died due to drunk drivers, while fire arm deaths were at ten thousand. Studies clearly show how “dangerous” guns are.  
Guns are used in everyday actions such as for safety reasons. Guns are used by police officers to help protect them. For example, an officer uses his gun to protect his life against criminals. The military also uses guns to help protect the United States against terrorism during wars. For instance, there was a situation in which a suicide bomber ran into a crowd of people and he was immediately shot. This saved the lives of hundreds of people because had the bomb went off; more people would have lost their lives than just one. Many places, such as banks and federal offices, have security guards that use guns to protect the important officials that work And enter the buildings that hundreds of people walk into every day. Many people who are against guns do not think about how people are protected by the use of guns on a daily basis. The drunk drivers do not use their cars in any useful ways! Gun killings are far less common when compared to other causes of death (Bureau of Justice Statistics Violent Crime Rate Trends.)
Not only are firearms used for safety, but many firearms of the twenty first century are most commonly used for hunting.   If someone does not...

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