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Plan B

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  • on January 16, 2011
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Sustaining the Biosphere


    The "Biosphere" is the part of the earth that support life, it provides our economy and our living space.   Therefore, it is critical that efforts by government, non-government organizations and scientists try working together as a whole to help sustaining the earth.
    According to Plan B 3.0,   governments efforts are made in sustaining the biodiversity they would ensure that   implemented mechanisms are in place for communities and agencies so the right support is received.   The government agencies would work along with the other agencies to assure they are being properly managed.   They would also prioritize there efforts such as deforestation, carbon emissions and many more critically important issues.   The government should have a key role coordinating and monitoring the implementation these actions. For example, issues like global warming, the government need to be more involved in issues that is possible national disasters, though they have made some advancements,   there are still a lot that need to be done.
    Secondly, non- governmental organizations should have vital roles in the sustaining of the biosphere, by being open to working with the government by sharing their expertise and information with them.   They should be willing to be a support to the government agencies with the willing to achieve effective action as a team.   Making information accessible to communities is critical as a non governmental organization because it can facilitated community action.   The community allow them to
biodiversity as part of education in homes, businesses and schools.
    Thirdly, Scientists efforts of working with movement and none government agencies are just as
critical as any other because they analyze and understand the "Y" factor.   They are looked to by all agencies, because they are expected to have the solution.   They are expected to define goals that have meaning for the long...

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