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Philippine History Reaction Paper

  • Submitted by: galejosol
  • on August 6, 2013
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December 14, 2012, our professor showed us about the history of the Philippines through film showing. There we saw the cruelty that our ancestors experienced from those who tried to colonize us, I saw and I felt the pain Filipinos experienced before, even though I wasn’t really there, I know how much pain they kept inside them. Treating like a slave in your own country is just too much; I can see how everyday they seek for their freedom from those colonizers who treated them so badly. I can’t imagine myself in their place, if I were living in that time maybe I can’t take that much pain, pain not only physically but also emotionally.
Many known Filipino personalities risk their lives seeking for freedom of our country, Dr. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Lapu-lapu, Juan Luna are just some of those who risked their lives for us, but I believe that there are a bunch of Filipino heroes who were not mentioned in our history, they are those who have the same intentions with the well known heroes but they works were never really recognized by people. As time goes by, many innocent Filipinos died, because of the greediness of the big countries who wanted to make their colony bigger. But we all know that it’s not always them who should be blamed because we might never know that there are some Filipinos who had alliance with those countries just to be saved from slavery and punishments. I always hated the part where Marcos was elected as president, yes we all know that he had a very big part in our economy, but then, as our economy grows, many Filipinos suffered under his governance, I can’t imagine how Marcos took the guts to punish those people who were against him. Marshal Law, what was that for?! I really can’t find the true purpose of that law, was it to protect Marcos and the way he governs our country from those who criticize him? Yes he had reasons why he made that law but then, being the president of his country he should care for his country...

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