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Personal And Professional Development Matrix Essay

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Professional Development Matrix

|Competency                               |Current Ability                                                     |Potential Applications                                         |Core Concepts                                 |
|Self-Management competency               |Perception is all about how we see and judge other people around   |Perception helps managers to properly asses situation in the   |Becoming friends by chance                   |
|selected:-perception                     |us. The meaning we make out of every situation is because of how we|work place. As a leader it helps to evaluate policies in the   |(Back, Schmukle and Egloff 2007)             |
|                                         |perceive our environment. I am a good observer of what happens     |organization to see the effect it has on the staff. It also   |                                             |
|                                         |around me. I like to analyze different behavioral attitude around   |helps to know what to expect from co-workers. As a manager     |On becoming a person: A therapist’s view of   |
|                                         |me. It helps me to understand people and how individuals may react |good impression formation skill is important in other to build|psychology                                   |
|                                         |under certain conditions. Most often my past experience guides my   |a positive image of both the management and the organization. |(Rogers 1961)                                 |
|                                         |understanding of situation and often leads to stereotypes and       |Good perceptual skills help in proper attribution of causes of|                                             |
|                                         |prejudice. People in the past have called me names like “loser” and|behavior. This will help the manager to identify situations   |The man and...

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