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Passive/Active Essay

Below is an essay on "Passive/Active" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

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1 Completa le frasi con la forma corretta (affermativa, negativa o interrogativa) di have got.

1 _________ your friends _________ any DVDs?
2 Sorry, but this isn’t your bag. It _____ ______
your name on it.
3 _________ your mum _________ a good job?
4 Nigel _________ an English dictionary. It’s
very good.
5 My grandparents _________ a big house in
6 My dogs _________ big eyes, but their ears
are very big.
7 _____ you ________ a pet?
8 They’re married but they ______ _______

2 Sottolinea l’alternativa corretta.
1 That / Those isn’t his / him house, it’s their /
they’re house.
2 Pass me this / that backpack. It’s / He’s got
my watch in it / them.
3 Look at this / these letter. She’s / It’s from
my / me mother.
4 Is this / these your homework? Write your /
our name on it / them.
5 Look at his / him! Her / His hair is green and
his / it’s beard is blue!
6 Don’t touch that / those books. They / Them
are me / my books!

3 Riscrivi le frasi sostituendo le parole sottolineate con un pronome.

0 Where is that book? Where is it?
1 Look at my brother! ________________________
2 Don’t eat the cake. _________________________
3 Call your mother and I! _____________________
4 My parents aren’t here. ______________________
5 Listen to your sister. ________________________
6 Mark’s girlfriend works with my dad. __________
4 Cerchia la risposta corretta: A, B, C o D.
1 – Is that your dog? – Yes, _____ .
A is B it’s C that is D it is
2 – _______’s my bag? – It’s here.
A What B Where C When D Who
3 – ________ your sisters like? – They’re very
A Who is B Who are
C What is D What are
4 We _______ a big house.
A ’s got B ’ve C ’ve got D get
5 We’ve got his number. Listen to ______ .
A we B our C us D ours
6 My mum’s at home now. Call _____ .
A him B she C hers D her
7 John and Jim are on holiday. ______ in France.
A They’re B Their
C Them D They
8 My...

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