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Parkinson's Outline

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Parkinson’s disease

  What is the Etiology of Parkinson disease

      • Genetics

      • Age

      • Lack of dopamine

  The symptoms and signs of Multiple Sclerosis

      •   Automatic movements (such as blinking) slow or stop

      •   Difficulty swallowing

      •   Drooling

      •   Impaired balance and walking

      •   Lack of expression in the face.

      • Lack of coordination/unsteady gait.

      • Shaking

          1. shaking usually occur in the limbs at rest

          2. shaking goes away during movement


      • ruling out other neurological disorders

      • Medical History

      • Neurological exam

      • Drug trial

  IV. Prognosis

      • Deterioration of all brain function with out meds

      • Most people responds to meds

      • Side effects of medication

                1. Hallucinations

                2. Delirium

  V Treatment

      • Medicines to control symptoms

                3. Levodopa for movement related symptoms

                4. Memantine for cognitive difficulties

      • Physical therapy

      • Speech therapy

      • Occupational therapy

      • Support groups

  VI. References

  Lang AE. When and how should treatment be started in Parkinson disease? Neurology. 2009;72(7 Suppl):S39-43. [PubMed: 19221313]

  Weaver FM, Follett K, Stern M, et al. Bilateral deep brain stimulation vs best medical therapy for patients with advanced Parkinson disease: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA. 2009;301(1):63-73. [PubMed: 19126811]

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Multiple Sclerosis

  The Etiology MS is unknown but most researchers...

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