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University of Phoenix Material

Consumption and Mass Media Worksheet

1. Respond to all questions with academic paragraphs of at least 50 words. State your point of view and explain it thoroughly.

• What is conspicuous consumption? How does conspicuous consumption influence purchasing decisions? Think about a high-priced item that you have bought or would like to buy. To what extent does conspicuous consumption affect your decision?
      Conspicuous consumption is spending way too much money to flaunt material items. Conspicuous consumption influences purchasing decisions by people wanting to have more than the Joneses’. While thinking about a high-priced item that I have bought or would like to buy, conspicuous consumption affects my decision by slightly. I can wait for my purchases to suit my budget and not blow my budget for my purchases.
• What is conspicuous leisure? Examples of conspicuous leisure are abundant on television. In what ways are leisure activities informed by social and economic class? Provide an example of a popular leisure activity. What assumptions can you make about the participants of the activity?
      Conspicuous leisure is a leisure that is done only for appearances and social status. Examples of conspicuous leisure are golf, gambling, basketball, baseball, football, polo, horse racing, darts, pool, movies, reading, and car racing. While some are expensive, some are inexpensive. Social and economic class affects leisure activities because some people cannot afford some of leisure activities they would like to do. Also, social and economic class put a stigma on who should be doing certain activities.
• Define the term globalization. What effect does globalization have on popular culture? Provide an example of how American popular culture has influenced other countries, or how the United States has imported popular culture from other countries.
      Globalization is unifying the world’s economic order through decreasing...

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