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  • on March 8, 2012
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Childhood Obesity

My paper is about childhood obesity and I chose this particular topic because I feel like this is a sensitive subject that I could relate to and this is a very interesting subject.   Childhood obesity is a very popular topic and I think people should take the time out and read up on this matter because it so many kids that are victims to this matter I blame the caretaker for it.   Now as I read a little bit on some of the facts, it states that this is not about just kids over eating and not exercising and things of the obvious nature but it is referred to as a disease.   This will be discussed more as I research.
It is so many different categories that could be discussed about childhood obesity but I will try to stick to one point that I find very interesting and powerful and expound on that.   I plan to limit the information by sticking to one category that will provide a clear understanding to my readers.   I do not want to have too much information scattered all over my research because that will be messy and result as a bad paper as well as failing my readers.   I will work diligently for a more structured paper that will allow me to implement knowledge to my audience.
I will like to bring up different points on the causes of childhood obesity versus it being referred to as a disease.   Just like most diseases, it is a cure for everything.   This should not be referred to a as a disease (personally) because I feel like this could be prevented.   Obesity causes too many medical problems alone and parents, guardians, caretakers, etc. should want to do right by their children and prevent this from happening as best they can.

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