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Public Relations Ethics

      In January 2010. The Toyota car manufacturer and company recalled 5.2 million cars. Toyota was the number one car manufacturer in the world and accused of being aware of their cars having safety problems. CEO Akio Toyoda was accused of covering up for the safety problems. Akio thought that it would save the company money to not get the repairs fixed before putting them on the market.
      Akio Toyoda explained to congress to explain the reasoning why the steering and brakes were malfunctioning. After apologizing to Toyota customers during an interview for causing worry and disbelief, Toyoda was seen driving away in a European manufactured car. "I am deeply sorry," said Akio Toyoda in a brief interview with the Japanese network NHK as he left his hotel in Davos, Switzerland. After the interview he was seen leaving in a black Audi”. (Ross, B. 2010).

“In the interview, Toyoda said he could not answer questions because the company "was still investigating." He said he hoped to provide an explanation to Toyota customers soon.

“Truly we think of our customers as a priority and we guarantee their safety"

Referring to the near collapse of the company's once strong reputation for safety and quality, Toyoda said, "I would like for the people to trust us." According to a translation.” (Ross, B. 2010). Well “according to translation” or not it was a great public relations move. Toyoda took responsibility and he wants to make sure the customers safety come first. Consumers are upset the something so dangerous can happen the consumer feels like Toyota makers let this happen because they are not careful in inspecting their cars before they are to be sold on the market. Toyoda is empathetic to the consumers feeling and heard what the consumer and media had to say. Toyoda wants to gain the trust back form the Toyota consumer.

      In late 2010 and early 2011 it became clear that most of the problems with the Toyota cars were...

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