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Organization Quality Improvement Plan

  • Submitted by: hollace10
  • on May 22, 2011
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Final Organizational Quality Improvement Plan
Holly Zimmerman
April 4, 2011
Tracy Miller

Executive Summary

      All organizations, if they are truthful with themselves, have room to improve the quality of service they give to their customers.   Whether it is the services that are offered or the care that a patient is given when visiting their establishment, Mid-Columbia Medical Center continually works as a team to ensure that everything is done to the best of their ability and to the levels of which their patients have been accustomed to.
Time Management is an issue for everyone and Mid-Columbia is no different.   One of the major complaints that are often heard from patients is the time they spend in an emergency room or getting released from the hospital after their stay.   The team at Mid-Columbia has worked with an idea to track the time a patient spends in their facility from start to finish and to see if and where improvements can be made.
      This is not an easy task but, hopefully this plan will explain, who Mid-Columbia is, what they are about and what goals they have set for themselves to achieve and continue the quality of service they want to give their patients.   It will give ideas on how they plan on getting the information required to fix the issue and then how they plan to continue to stay on top of things after the plan is implemented.   Everyone realizes that this is a group effort, and all personnel from management down will have to be involved in order for this to work.
      This will not happen overnight and involves a lot of variables.   Communication, training and teamwork are the keys to this plan working.   This will take time and patience but the end result will hopefully be happier patients and possibly more money for the institution.

      Purpose and Goals

      Mid-Columbia Medical Center (MCMC) is based in The Dalles, Oregon and since it is the only major facility in the area, it services a fairly good size...

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