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Optimotors Essay

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Summary of the Case
OptiMotors Industries is an auto parts manufacturer that earned its success through word of mouth and high quality custom parts. The company has established clients in the racing field and due to the remarkable success in NASCAR; the company excel rapidly and envision going nationally. However, the management did not realize that business is not just making a profit. It also involves screening the inside and outside environment, and creating interpersonal and social relationship with the people within and outside the organization through communication. It failed to realize that as society changes the approach to business also changes. Competitions are increasing hence more businesses are expanding. As the business becomes bigger, the company employs more people. Therefore, the company will be dealing with more diverse workforce. To deal with diverse workforce, the company needs to be equipped with the proper tools in communication and incorporating ethics in the workplace. Knowing the right tools to response and act to the intercultural and international sensitivity of the society makes a business successful. Communication is important when dealing with people of different culture because different culture views things differently. An aggressive attitude might be a motivation to one but will be abusive to another. A protective response or behavior will be discrimination to an opposite gender. A personal gesture of offering a baseball tickets or playing golf with a client maybe establishing an interpersonal relationship but can viewed as conflict of interest or bribery. There is no difference in taking a client to a strip club and taking client to a baseball game. Whatever the intention behind the action, one will view this as bribery or conflict of interest, which are both ethical. Reporting a false name on any expense account will be view as fraud and dishonesty regardless if the amount is valid and reported.  

Communication is an...

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