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Oppression Essay

  • Submitted by: williedillie
  • on March 12, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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          I believe that privilege is a special opportunity given to a particular person and not everybody. One are of my life that I have experienced a privilege is having the chance to come to Canada. I was born in Ghana and spent my most of my life there until I came to Canada. In a country like mine it is easy for people to die from hunger because there is barely help given to people with needs by the government. It is hard to live in a country like mine if one does not have a stable job to provide for himself. My parents are divorced so In Ghana I lived with my father and my two older sibling whiles my mom was residing in Canada. My two older siblings went to boarding school so I was left with my dad. Life was very hard for us not just financially but I was also hurting emotionally. Sometimes I went to school with a torn school uniforms because to buy a new one was too expensive. I would go to school hungry some days because there was no money to buy food. Sometimes our water stopped running so I would have to get water from a nearby well. Although we did not live in a village, life was still hard. Having the privilege to come to Canada is no just about the fact that I would go to a better school or be in a more advanced country but to me it meant that I could wake up the next morning and not worry about what I would have to eat the next day. It meant that I didn’t have to worry about wearing torn uniforms to school because I had more than two in my closet. In Canada, I now live with my mother and my two older siblings who are now in medical school. Even though my mom is a single mother working two jobs to put us through school, life I believe is still better here than how it was for me in Ghana.
          One area of my life where I am oppressed is a result of my race and ethnicity. Most of the time I have to deal with the fact that racism still exists. A specific example of this was an incident that happened not too...

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