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Opinion Piece for He Article "Forget the Tutor- a Run May Help Your Kid's More"

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Opinion Piece
Forget the Tutor- a run may help your kid's more
Exercising on a regular has been proven to help students succussed and achieve high marks in school. Meaning that students that are physically active and excersise often will have a better chance of getting good grades, compared to someone that just sits around. However, even though the student may excersise, it does not mean that they just became smart. The student still need to attend their classes and be open minded to learning new things. All that excersing does to help a student improve their grades is it gets ones brain moving. Mark Fensk writes in The Global and Mail how excersising can “enhance brain function”. He then writes about how, “aeroic excerise ...enhance blood flow thought out the brain. It also stimulates the release of a protein called brain -derived neurotophic factor, which encourages the growth of new brain cells...”. Hence the reason why excersicing will help a student. It also helps them to stay focused in class and not get easily distracted. Which will later benefit that student because the student would have been focused though out the whole lesson and would have understood it much better. Rather than the student who gets distracted and missed the lesson .
Even though exercising helps a student get good grades. Eating right also plays a role in the students learning. Students need to be mindful of what type of foods they are consuming. Depending on the food they consume. It can either enhance some characteristics of the student. Like their memory, keeping them calm or it can make the student feel sick, lazy, forgetful. Eating things like “ fish, eggs, seeds and nuts.... berries and other fruits and vegetables”. Is certainty things in which students should be eating. Rather then them eating all of those sugar-laden foods that would provide them with no nutrients that their bodies need. But instead it causes them to get blood-glucose levels. Studies made from Mark Fenske...

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