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Opinion Paper

  • Submitted by: squiid32
  • on March 5, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Kyle Sims
UC 110
Have you ever seen a big murder case on television and see the criminal either get away from murder or still get a life sentence, even get parole? Too many murderers are basically granted life for taking other people’s lives, which doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they get the same fate as the people they murdered? I believe that they deserve to get the death penalty because life is so precious and these people take it for sport like it’s some game.
Capital punishment is becoming weaker and weaker as each day passes. More states want to abolish the death penalty because they think that these murderers should live. Since this is America and we are a free country I understand why they would want to do this. Keep as many people alive as possible in our country. But what about the families that lost someone to a serial killer, or a maniac who goes on a killing spree, what about them? Everyone knows that these types of people exist and know that these murderers could show up anywhere at any time. I think people are just forgetting that the more capital punishment we have the less killers we have on the streets, which is exactly what we need.
Yes mistakes are made in the court when sentencing some people. We can work on that with just time. You could always have a jury where there are some people who act like they care at first but then towards the end of the trial they lose all their interest. Or if the person is guilty and he knows it he could possibly bring in a companion that no one knows about into the jury without anyone being suspicious about him/her, and then they could be the deciding factor towards guilty and hang the jury and the criminal gets to walk away free. The people who pick the jurors should start making it to where you can get honest jurors and people who actually care on cases that are real important. Almost make it a profession if you have to which I know sounds dumb, but I bet there will be a lot less mistakes when it comes to...

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