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Open v. Closed Adoption Essay

  • Submitted by: nslesin
  • on March 6, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Open vs. Closed Adoption and the Effects on a Children’s Success Throughout Their Life

Alexander the Great, King of Macedon, King Philip V, King of Macedonia. Three of the most powerful men of there times. What do they all have in common? Each one of them was adopted. Many other individuals throughout history such as, Catherine I, John Handcock, John Lennon, Ella Fitzgerald, Willie Nelson, Edgar Alan Poe, Truman Capote, Charles Dickens, and Steve Jobs are also adoptees. Adoption has been around since the beginning, but in written law since the 18th century B.C. Adoptions have taken place throughout history in various forms, were individuals other than their birth parents raise children. Adoption was common during the ancient and classical periods. It involved adults in order to carry out sovereignty. Recent history of adoption in the United States can be traced to the 1850s when the first “modern” adoption law was passed in Massachusetts that allowed adoption to be a social and legal process based on child welfare rather than adult interests. Adoption is a social, emotional and legal process where a child is not raised by their birth parents. It is “the procescess that allows for the transfer of the legal rights, responsibilities, and privileges of parenthood” to a new legal parent of parents. (Schaefer, 308) There are many not just two kinds of adoptions, closed and open adoptions. There are also, agency adoptions, independent adoptions, semi-open adoptions, and stepchild adoption among many, many more. Adoption has different effects on different individuals and the type of adoption a child is involved in will affect them throughout their lifetime. Adoption can result in unintentional harm to child, leaving them with emotional scars and in some cases severe trauma. Yet, if explained to a properly, children can grow up with lots of knowledge and feeling like they have a wider perspective on life and therefore be able to make a greater contribution to society as...

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