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Old Story Time Essay

  • Submitted by: alexiasmith
  • on September 12, 2012
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Q.Descride the type   of mother you believe mama is .Using examples from the text give reasons why you believe she is this type .

    Miss Aggy also known as Mama is the antagonist in the Play “Old Story Time “ as she is trying to hold back Len from his dreams and aspirations by giving him a unrealistic view of what it is like to be black even though blacks may not have had equal rights, they still could excel with   hard work and determination. she has good intentions for Len but does not go about it the right way , and is stuck in her ways that " anything black is nuh good " as miss aggy said on page 11. she worships those who are of a lighter skin colour and does not realize that they are humans like everyone else. She fails to realize a coulour don’t make you no better education do.

    She is a very religious individual yet it is contradicting since she practices obeah which is contrary to God's law. Mama is rigid in her ways and does not like change. this is shown when Len asked why doesn't she get a gas stove, her response was that she doesn't want anything to blow her up. showing that clearly she is not used to the modern way of life. Which is affecting her son because she doesn’t see that things changing and wants Len to be Biiter And Hostile Like Her Towards Black People

    Miss Aggy   is a very over protective and judgmental Mother which is also shown on page 11 of “ Old Story Time “ When She Goes Looking for Len and finds him with Pearl And Gets Upset And Refers To Pearl   As A “frowsy-tail ,jiggerfoot, jeysey-ears ,board head gyal “ She believes Pearl Is A Bad Influence On Len she thinks   Pearl is A “ Duty dry head Gyal “ Who Has No Advancement . Mama derogatorily refers to Pearl as a "board head gal", this racist statement, made in Mama's ignorance, insults the naturalness of Pearl's hair .

    Miss Aggy is Also Demanding, Ignorant and wants her own way .She wanted Len to Marry “reverend greaves daughter , a nice brown girl with tall...

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