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Of Studies by Francis Bacon Essay

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  • on August 1, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Of Studies by Francis Bacon" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

in “Of Studies”, the sentences are nearly all short; crisp and sententious.   There are few connectives.   Each sentence stands by itself, expressing briefly and precisely his weighty thought.   The epigrammatic terseness and the sharp antithesis and balance are seen as found in all his writings.   But in, “Of Truth”, Bacon imparts warmth and colour to his style.   Illustrations abound, metaphors and similies crop up.   In “Of Studies” each sentence is a concentrated expression of his idea, and most of them have acquired the universal currency of proverbs.

Bacon speaks at length of the value of study.   According to him, three purposes are served by studies.  

1.   They give delight.
2.   They are an ornament to man.
3.   They add to the ability of man.

In retirement and in aloofness reading gives pleasure.   As an ornament, one’s study adorns one’s conversation.   The ability of a learned man is seen in his judgment and in the way he carries out his business.   Even experienced men turn to learned people for advice and guidance.   Yet to spend too much time in studies is a sort of idleness, and to use one’s knowledge too much in conversation is nothing short of affectedness. To judge wholly by the rules one has studied is the tendency of a scholar.   Studies perfect the inborn talent of man, which is further completed by experience.   In this respect studies are like natural plants which require pruning.   Reading should not tempt one to contradict others.   Neither should one believe all that is stated in books.   What is absorbed from books should be weighed well before introducing them in one’s talk.

Bacon speaks of different types of books in his essay entitled “Of Studies”.

1.     Some books are to be tasted   [just enough to go through the book]
2.     Others to be swallowed   [read with great attention]
3.     Few to be chewed and digested   [each word must be meditated upon]

Condensed or abridged books are like distilled water, bright but tasteless....

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