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Nutrition Service Work Assignment Essay

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Samantha Evans

Service Work Assignment

Throughout the semester I have gained an uncountable amount of knowledge from this online nutrition course. I am aware of many changes I must make in order to obtain the body and the health that I desire. I have been informed of important health tips I had never heard before, which after I started using brought many pleasurable results. I have greatly benefited myself from this course and now hold knowledge that I will be able to use throughout my whole life. Although I am very thankful for all that I have learned, I cannot say that I have helped anyone but myself by taking this course. Yes I have spread helpful hints to my peers in the discussion board, and have carried the valuable knowledge I have been given to those close to me, but I have not actually put out a helping hand and made sure that my knowledge or help has been properly used. That is until I completed my service work assignment.
For my service work assignment I donated money to the Greater Houston Community Foundation and designated it to the Curing Children’s Cancer fund. No, I did not take time out of my day to participate in a 5K run, nor did I dedicate a full day to helping the elderly at a retirement home, but I did make sure my knowledge and help was used to benefit my community.
Cancer is a word learned usually at a pretty early age. The word “cancer” is unavoidable in a world where it is so common. It is a word no one prefers to use, a word that creates a dark connotation, yet it is heard of all the time.   Growing up I knew of cancer and the fatal toll it paid on its victims, but never understood how brutal it was. In the 8th grade I witnessed first hand actually how horrible the disease was when one of my classmates was diagnosed with Leukemia. I had always known it to be unfortunate, but was taken away by the fact that there was an uncertainty to the recovery of my fellow peer. It opened my eyes to a whole new world. I was scared for my...

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