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Nur 405 History Of Community Nursing Matrix Essay

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  • on November 5, 2011
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University of Phoenix Material

History of Community Nursing Matrix

Complete the matrix with the following concepts, and relate the concepts to two different periods of time in history and the present time:

    • Describe each period briefly.
    • Clarify the differences during each period with public health nursing and community health nursing.
    • Describe the key health issues.
    • Identify community health partnerships used during this period of time.
    • Describe how Watson’s Theory of Human Transpersonal Caring is related.

  |                   |Historical time period     |Nursing role in community     |Major health issues|Partnerships used         |Watson’s theory   |
|Past period 1       |Industrial Revolution     |In the 1800’s the role of     |The major health   |Daughters of Charity       |                 |
|                   |American Revolution War   |nursing was delivered by     |issues in the       |Dominican Sisters         |                 |
|1800'S             |Crimean War               |women in the home for all     |1800’s were small   |Franciscan Sisters of the |                 |
|                   |American Civil War         |family members when they were|pox, yellow fever, |Poor                       |                 |
|                   |                           |sick, during childbirth, and |cholera, typhoid,   |AMA-hygiene study         |                 |
|                   |                           |to decrease suffering.       |typhus,             |Elizabeth Law in England   |                 |
|                   |                           |Nursing care was provided for|tuberculosis,       |Florence Nightingale       |                 |
|                   |                           |the poor, mentally ill, and   |maleria, infant     |developed nursing         |                 |
|                   |                           |the aging population and was |mortality,         |profession which led to   |...

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