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Note Taking Essay

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  • on December 1, 2011
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Unit 1.4 Note taking

Note taking is an important part of acquiring and highlighting relevant information. When we are presented with a great many facts it is vital that we organise them into an order from which we can acquire details. They can then be translated to the next subsequent level where they may then be used, for example an essay.

The method I have most commonly used and the one I have favoured during any past studies undertaken, is the sequential or linear method. For me, this type reflects more directly the structure of a lecture or book from which the notes have been composed. In order to translate effectively the notes collected, my writing has to be selective and by using short clear sentences together with key words, phrases and abbreviations, the notes become a concise and accurate personal overview. Pages would begin with the date of the lecture or the day the information was researched; the location of the lecture and name of the lecturer; or title, chapter and page of the book reviewed and the topic the research is based on, together with page numbering if needed. A new line would be started on each new thought or topic, often indenting or bullet pointing information under that particular theme. Capital letters and underlining would be used to highlight key words and phrases and blank spaces or lines would enable extra information to be easily incorporated. It is important for me to use one side of the paper only, as this helps when pages need to be spread out in order to move onto the planning stage. I must remember also to write any notes in my own words, therefore avoiding plagiarism. Any quotes used must be correctly written, identified and referenced in the right manner. If the source has been paraphrased, I must acknowledge the source of my information.   ‘The strategy which I believe works best, is to keep your organisation to a minimum designed to keep you in control.’ (Barnes 1992, p. 6).

The advantage of this method, in my...

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