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Nonviolent Rebellion Essay

  • Submitted by: dhitima
  • on October 24, 2011
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Nonviolent Rebellion
In society, people have mistreated one another by using physical attack and emotional abuse. This oppression has existed throughout history in many countries. In the 1960s, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was notable as the most powerful leader of America civil right movement, and Baptist minister. He was Georgian, born in 1926 and murdered in 1968. Dr. King graduated with a PhD in systematic philosophy from Boston University. He became nationally famous as a front line supporter for the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Dr. King wrote many books like Why We Can’t Wait (1964), Where Do You Go From Here?: Chaos or Community? (1967). One essay, “Three Types of resistance to Oppression,” is from his first book, Stride Toward Freedom (1958), is presented three methods of resistances to oppression. The film of Iron Jawed angels (women fought for their right to vote) and the Holocaust from the Museum of Tolerance (mass murder of European Jews by Nazis during World War II) support samples that suit three characters in King‘s essay. Acquiescence, violence, and nonviolence are the ways to handle the oppressors.
One way that Dr. King opposes in his essay, is acquiescence. The oppressed people are downhearted to accept and endure their lives as inferiors. King does not accept this method due to increase great self-importance to the oppressors, and end the future of the oppressed people’s descendants. The film Iron jawed Angels, the worker ignored Lucy Burns’s speech for organizing a parade to promote woman’s suffrage because she did not want her employer to be upset and fired her. She thought that putting food on the table was the most important for her family. Another woman, a Senator’s wife would like to support women’s right to vote, but she was afraid to participate in the Nation Women’s Party (NWP) since her husband disagreed with the suffragists. The Holocaust, in 1939-1945, six millions of Jews were victimized by Nazis. Men, Women, and children were sent to...

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