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No Pass No Play Policy Essay

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Resolved: Students not passing all classes will not be able to play sports.
“No Pass No Play policy”- states that students not passing all classes will be ineligible to play high school sports for a defined amount of time
Passing grade- any grade above an F
Mission statement -   a statement of an entity’s main goal
Student Athlete- a student who participates in athletics

Facts and Studies:
Compare the mission statements of the UFL and Ankeny High School. As stated in their mission statement the job of Ankeny High School is to foster a learning community. Thus, the main goal of Ankeny High School is not to train professional athletes. As you will see, Ankeny’s mission statement varies greatly from that of the UFL’s, whose mission statement affirms its main goal to be “to fulfill the unmet needs of football fans in major markets”.
Schools that enforce No Pass No Play policies, such as the Ankeny District, are simply focusing on their mission statement. They are placing emphasis on education, and allowing extra curricular programs to supplement a student’s high school experience, but not dominate it.
In recent years the U.S. has slipped behind foreign countries in educational ranks. Twenty years ago the U.S. ranked first both among adults ages 25-34 who have a high school diploma, and those who have a college degree. Now the U.S. ranks 9th among adults who have a high school diploma and 7th among adults who have a college degree.

Texas and Los Angeles school districts were among the many who realized that the U.S. needed to focus on improving the grades of our students. They enforced rules such as No Pass No Play. Previously both districts had held less demanding eligibility rules. When the No Pass No Play policies were enforced a large amount of students immediately became ineligible. However, after 2 years of enforcing this rule the number of ineligible students had decreased to the number of...

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