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No Pain, No Gain Essay

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No Pain, No Gain
For those of us that are regular workout gurus, we have the basic background knowledge of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to the fitness world.   We all know to stretch regularly, drink plenty of water, eat at least 2 hours before beginning a workout, and not to over-extend our joints. One thing that I was lead to believe through high school was the saying, “No Pain, No Gain!”
For me, high school was centered on being as involved as I possibly could be.   Throughout my average year, I would have a consistent mixture between football seasons of cheerleading, soccer, basketball cheerleading season, indoor soccer, swimming, and at the end of each year I would wined down with tennis season.   To add a little more physical activity to my hectic schedule, each semester I would take an aerobics class as well as a weight lifting class. The words “extra time” were nowhere in my vocabulary. For my first two years of this chaotic lifestyle, I never could find a break from the continuous back and joint pains.   My coaches had always used the phrase, “No Pain, No Gain!” during a difficult, strenuous, workout.   The translation to that phrase is simple; if you do not feel any pain while working out you are not reaching your full potential and doing the physical activity incorrectly.  
Junior year of high school I set a goal to drop down to 19% body fat. Somehow, even though I was greatly involved in school sports, they were not showing results toward my goal as I had hoped.   While talking to my cheerleading coach, she advised me to take a step/water aerobics class the following semester.   Taking her advise I signed up the nest day for the course.   Then first tree weeks of class I could not understand why I wasn’t feeling anything-physical improvements.   I wasn’t in pain. When I asked the instructor how this class cold help me reach my goal when I couldn’t even feel a difference after class she said the results come gradually. If you walk away from the class...

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