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Neurotransmitters Essay

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  • on November 19, 2011
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Handout 3

Parts of the Nervous System

Identify each part of the nervous system.

  * Exerts control over all parts of the body

Peripheral nervous system  
  * Controls all voluntary movements, thoughts, and registration of incoming information

Somatic Division
  * The site where the processing of all central nervous system activity takes place


  * Main carrier of messages between the brain and the body

Spinal cord
  * Registers information and controls movements outside the central nervous system

  * Takes charge of the body’s involuntary functions outside conscious awareness

Autonomic Division
  * Coordinates incoming information from the senses and sends instructions to the muscles
and glands
central nervous system

  * Increases the heart rate in an emergency situation

Sympathetic division
  * Stimulates digestion of food when the body is in a state of rest
Parasympathetic Division
Parts of the Brain

Describe one daily routine you do that uses each of these parts of the brain (you can use one example or five separate examples).

1. Cerebellum.

I use cerebellum to work out helps me to keep my balance.

2. Hypothalamus.

Hypothalamus helps me to keep my cells healthy and also to keep the right temperature on my body allowing me to do my daily duties.  

3. Reticular formation.

Reticular formation helps me sleep

4. Limbic system.

Limbic system helps me controls my daily eating

5. Frontal lobes.
Frontal lobes help me talk

Parts of the Endocrine System

Identify each part of the endocrine system.

  * Major chemical in the endocrine system

  * Regulates the pituitary gland

  * The body’s “master gland”

The pituitary gland

  * Hormones involved in sugar metabolism

  * Female reproductive organ

  * Organ that produces hormones involved in sugar metabolism


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