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Nehemish Essay

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NOTE:   Please heed the safety rules and lifting techniques that follow to protect yourself and fellow employees; otherwise your quality of life or someone else’s may change “in a moment.”


    • Make safety the first consideration in every situation.
    • When picking up a load, evaluate whether or not you need help or special equipment.   Do not lift a load alone if you have any doubt of your ability to lift it.   Use proper lifting techniques to prevent injury.   See “Safe Lifting Rules” on the next page.
    • Keep your work area clean and free of loose objects, stumbling (including office equipment wires) or slipping hazards, rubbish, etc.
    • Be aware of walking surfaces and their condition.   Extra care may be required to prevent an accident.
    • Do not reach too high for something that may fall on you.   Use a small set of steps, a ladder, or ask for help.
    • When it is necessary to climb---use a ladder, not a chair, stool, desk or box.   Be sure the ladder is secured.
    • Never leave an unsafe condition unguarded or unmarked, even temporarily.
    • Learn location of fire extinguishers and know how to use them.


    • Chairs, wastebaskets, electrical cords, and other articles should not be left where they will become a tripping hazard.
    • Desk drawers, cabinet doors and file drawers should not be left open while unattended.   Pull only one drawer out at a time.   Heavier items should be loaded in the lower file drawers to prevent the file from tipping over.
    • Approved ladders or other safe support should be used to reach materials on high shelves, bulletin boards, or other high elevations. When it is necessary to climb---use a ladder, not a chair, stool, desk or box.   Be sure the ladder is secured.
    • On all hand-operated paper cutters, the blade shall be left in the “down” position when not in use.
    • Walk slowly and cautiously up and down stairs and use handrail,...

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