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Natural Disaster Location Date/Time Results Resource
Earthquake Peru Nov 1, 2008 Telephone lines down.
Earthquake Southwest Pakistan Oct 29, 2008 Killed at least 170 people. Destroyed many homes 279/733116?cpt=8&title=AP+Top+News&wpi d=2057
Earthquake China June 2008 Killed 70,000 people. china-sichuan-earthquake

Flood Brisbane, Australia Nov 20, 2008 Many deaths, loss of electricity. 20/Australia-floods

Wild Fire Southern California Nov 2008 Burned 35,000 acres. One death. 500 homes destroyed
Typhoon Jangmi Taiwan Sept 23, 2008 Dozens of injuries and two confirmed deaths
Cyclone Nargis Myanmar, Burma June 2008 Killed 84,500 people, but affected 2.4 million worldwide.
Drought Taboshar in the northern Tajik province of Soghd Summer of 2007-present Over half of the town’s population is without water.
Flood Northern China Nov 28, 2008 Flooded farm land and destroyed property

1. The information on the earthquake in Peru was very detailed.   I could easily understand what happened and I feel that the public would also be able to understand fairly easily also.   This event is fairly typical for this part of the world.   The information seemed to be quite accurate.
2. The information on the earthquake in Pakistan was not very informative; however there was a video that helped to show the damage there was.   I...

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