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Mystery Story Essay

  • Submitted by: tsteinmetz
  • on February 1, 2012
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There once was a detective named, Mr. Short. He was a thin looking detective who always wore a suit and tie. One day he received a case to work on which dealt with a death of a young man in his twenties whose name was Mr. Long.
Later that day, Detective Short met with a young lady who was in love with Mr. Long, her name was Ms. Whine and the name did fit her because she did like to drink a lot of wine. Detective Short asked Ms. Whine what she had witnessed. Ms. Whine said that on her way to work earlier that morning she had stopped by Mr. Long’s house where she found him lying dead in his bed.
The next person the detective interviewed was Mrs. Juce. When the detective arrived at Ms. Juce’s house he found her sitting at her kitchen table eating a sandwich and drinking some juice. Ms. Juce told the detective that she would be willing to answer any questions. Detective Short first asked Ms. Juce what her relationship was with Mr. Long and she said Mr. Long graduated high school with my best friend Ms. Whine and I a few years back. She said I absolutely love Ms. Whine, but I absolutely hated Mr. Long. Ms. Juce also said she had been home the whole day and the day before when the incident would have occurred.
Detective short had to interview one more person before putting all his clues together. Detective Short then interviewed a man named Mr. Randum, Mr. Randum said I use to know Mr. Long, but I really don’t talk to him much anymore. Mr. Randum also said it is kind of hard to be friends with Mr. Long when I am good friends with Ms. Juce who is constantly talking about how she hates Mr. Long and how she wished he would just magically disappear so that she could spend more time with her good friend Mrs. Whine.
The next day he found a cup of wine sitting next to Mr. Long’s bed. He then found a little puddle of mysterious liquid. Later Detective Short found out that the mysterious liquid was actually poison. He then thought that someone must have poisoned Mr....

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