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My Mother Essay

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  • on May 23, 2012
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Jack Gill, Instructor
ENC 1101 Sec. 27640
12 February 2003
Word Count:   1122

It is a well-known fact that most children will go through a rebellious phase in their lives, and this rebellion will directly or indirectly affect the lives of the other family members.   Unfortunately, most parents find this trying time to be too much to deal with and will ultimately give in or give up on trying controlling their children’s behavior.   My mother has never given up hope and has been a pillar of strength that has held our family together through the darkest of times.
My mother was the primary disciplinarian in the household while she and my father were married.   She and my brother, Charlie, did not exactly see eye-to-eye during Charlie’s high school years.   He, like most teenagers, liked to party and spend as much time as possible with his friends.   My mother kept a close eye on him to make sure that he staid out of trouble.   In fact, whenever any of Charlie’s friends’ parents wanted to know where their own child was they would call my mother.   If she did not know where they were, then she could find out.   It was a common occurrence when the police were called to locate Charlie or any of his friends.   Charlie’s senior year was probably the most frustrating of his adolescence for my mother.   He began skipping school on a regular basis and hanging out with people who were a bad influence on him.   My mother tried to counsel Charlie.   He was very obstinate, however, and ran away from home.   My mother found him soon after in New Orleans where he was staying with a friend.   Charlie was brought home and lectured to about the decisions he was making for his future.   Charlie soon realized his mistakes.   He should have failed his senior year because he had missed so much school.   However, after my mother met several times with the principal, Charlie’s teachers, and the guidance counselor, Charlie was allowed to make up his missed school work.   Charlie walked with...

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