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My First Day Of High School Essay

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On my first day entering high school, I felt like a little fish entering a big pond.   I was very inhibited, close-minded and lacking diligence. It was very intimidating starting high school because I had to find a way to adjust to the diversity all around me. Little did I know that my school’s diversity would help me develop an understanding of the perspectives of teens and people in general. Each year of high school I became more open minded as I experienced different situations with people every day.
  As the years went by, high school only became more challenging and a bit overwhelming.   In my junior year the work started piling up and the distractions grew. I struggled for a little while because I wanted to go out with my friends instead of doing my work. I was also very involved in extracurricular activities increasing the challenge. After I got my first report card I started changing immediately. What came to mind first were college and my future.   I knew I had to start applying myself more and focus on my schoolwork. Learning to balance having fun and doing my work was necessary if I wanted to get accepted into a good college. I made fewer trips to the mall and put my schoolwork first.
  In my senior year I am now using everything I have learned and built on throughout my high school experience.   I have become a critical thinker and my points of view on things have changed drastically. My maturity level has increased the most.   In my four years of high school I also became well rounded and became better in my time management. I can honestly say that high school has definitely helped me grow and has opened my eyes on a lot of things. High school has equipped me for college and I am now even more ready for a greater challenge.

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