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My Favorite Celebrity Essay

  • Submitted by: sajidah25
  • on February 3, 2013
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My Favorite Celebrity
Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood today, and he is by far one of my favorite celebrities. Depp is the only actor that captivates me with his amazing acting skills, and impresses me with the way he portrays characters.
John Christopher Depp is an American actor who was born in Owensboro, Kentucky in 1963. He dropped out of school when he was fifteen years old, which was a year after his parents got divorced in order to follow his dream of becoming a rock star. Depp joined a boy band called The Kids. The band was only famous locally. However, Depp was living his dream when he became an actor by luck. When he was introduced to Nicholas Cage by his wife at the time Lori Anne Allison, he gave acting a try. Johnny Depp unlike all teenage actors didn’t go to acting school, and acting wasn’t his childhood dream. However, that was probably a big reason for his success. His acting style is unpredictable, anything but by the rules, very spontaneous, and defiantly different than anyone else.
Depp’s first movie was a horror movie called Nightmare on Elm Street. Yet, the first Johnny Depp   movie that I watched, and what made me fall in love with his acting was, Edward Scissorhands .This amazing gothic romantic funny weird movie, introduced me to an actor I called genius. In that movie, he made me fall in love with his character that he made so deep and complex. Depp is very daring when it comes to portraying characters. He can be funny and amusing like in Pirates of the Caribbean.   Or he can be scary and mysterious like in Sweeny Todd which was a beautiful but freaky musical. I personally think that his emotions were so great and real in this particular movie because his daughter was sick at the time. Depp stopped filming the movie, and stayed with his daughter at the hospital until she got well form a very serious infection that caused her kidneys to shut down. Depp went back to continuing the filming of Sweeny Todd and put all...

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