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My Expectation for This Class Essay

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  • on June 6, 2012
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Milica   Green
Instructor :   Chris   Soholt
ESL   051:   Illustration   essay
29   May   2012

My   expectation   for   this   class

                  Every   since   I   came   to   this   country,   I   have   wanted   to   improve   my   English.   I   am   excited   about   what will come   and   the   goals   I   will   achieve   this   term .   I   have   strengths   I   wish   to   expend   on   and   weaknesses   to   work   on.   I   hope with   the   help   of   my   professor   and   classmates   I   can make   the   most   of   this   class.   While   taking   this   ESL   class   I   am looking   forward   to   learning   how   to   write   effectively,   improve   my   grammar   and   become   a   better   writer.
                  Over   the   next   semester   I   am   expecting   to   learn   the   skills   necessary   to   become   a   more   advanced   writer.   I   used   to   dread   writing   assignments, but   I   have   come   to   realize   that writing is a part of   life. When it comes to writing, I   have   more   weaknesses   then   strengths . My   strengths   are   reading well   and   brainstorming   ideas. The   trouble   comes   when   I   have   to express   words   in   unique   way,   and   my   grammar   can   use   more   improvement.
                  My   grammar   could   be   developed   in   areas   such   as   spelling   and   punctuation.   I   am   hoping that   this   class   will   help   me   remember   what   I   have   forgotten . I   began   taking   English classes   when   I   was   ten   years   old,   but   there   was   a   period   where   I   didn’t   use   English   for six   years,   and   I   forgot   a   lot.   This   class   will help   me   learn   new   writing   skills   and remember   skills   I   have   already   learned.   I   plan   on   working   with   professor,   as   well   as fellow   students   in   order   to   achieve   my   goals.
                      Working   on   a   team   is   the   most   comfortable   environment   for   me   to   learn. I   am   looking   forward   to   participating   in   group   activities.   I   am   relying   on   the   professor   to...

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