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Multinational Companies Essay

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The daily commodities, the fashions, or other valuable materials which you use everyday all have a history behind the ways they are make. In the contemporary global market, products of competitive goods often leads to morally and unacceptable working conditions, where laborers in some developing countries have been sacrificed in the name of economic efficiency. Since numerous multinational manufacturers invested to the lower economic society, it made exploitation become an appropriate given name for the factories owners by the way behave toward their employ. Foreign companies in developing countries should be required to improve the standard of living for the communities and workers they employ. Therefore, wage and working conditions of the workers, improving community services, and the environment are necessary concerns for the investment of foreign companies in developing countries.
  In many developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Central America, foreign companies have asked to raise their employee’s wages and benefits. Laborers who work for offshore corporations have been exploited through subsistence wages and working conditions. For example, the China Dolls in IAM journal says, “…People who work in factories ten to fourteen hours a day, and live in company dormitories away from their families and they work at a killing pace”(10). Nowadays, since the organization or the government’s regulation the foreign companies’ conduct toward their employees, the sweatshop laborers have higher salaries than they used to. However, the factories still give their workers’ wages at a very low rate compared to the interest that they made. This unfair system leads to those industrial workers who have to undergo many unfair problems which result from the benefit of offshore corporations.  
On the other hand, the global economy also misses the product consumption in the developing market. Since the poorer nations’ workers cannot support the expensive equipment, it brings...

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