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Muet Essay

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|No     |1. Theme: Modern Life & Technology                                                                                                   |Year         |
|1     |Your grandfather, who is in his 70s, tells you that you are all very fortunate to be living in the 21st century where there are so   |May         |
|       |many inventions to make life easier. He asked you to think about which particular invention has made your life much easier compared |2004         |
|       |to his.                                                                                                                             |             |
|       |A. In your opinion, the mobile phone has made life easier. State your viewpoint and give reasons to support it. B. The computer C.   |             |
|       |The photocopy machine D.   The electronic calculator (Which of the following inventions is most useful?)(14.12)                       |             |
|2     |Young people today are fortunate to live in a modern and progressive era. What has helped to give this generation a better quality   |Oct         |
|       |of live?                                                                                                                             |2005         |
|       |A. You believe that modern transport & telecommunication systems have helped to improve life for this generation. Explain. B. The   |             |
|       |computer C. Recreational & entertainment facilities D. Better opportunities for education (Discuss which has helped most to improve |             |
|       |life for this generation)                                                                                                           |             |
|3     |Your school   or college is organizing an Informationa dn Communication Technology (ICT) Week. Each class has to propose an activity |May         |
|       |for this big event....

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