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Montessori Essay

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  • on November 13, 2013
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he attains considerable mastery over the spoken language in the first two years?
Maria Montessori believed that as human beings we are all social creatures. All people naturally want to communicate with others of their kind. In a child there are   urges for language. This gives the child the ability to select out of the sounds he hears in his environment that which will enable him to learn language. Until about age six the child has an "Absorbent Mind" with a special kind of memory which allows him to take in everything and remember it subconsciously. These bits of information are stored in the brain for later use at a conscious level.
How children acquire language led Montessori to believe that language is “absorbed” by the young child. Language and the "mother tongue" develop naturally and follow a familiar path in children all over the world
The three to six year old is in his Sensitive Period for language. His absorbent mind is adding new words to his recognition at a rate that will never be the same
Montessori identified four   sensitive period of learning in a child's life; she identified the first six years as the sensitive period for language development. Montessori's sensitive periods are periods of learning during which a child is sensitive.
When the child has mastered the skill the sensitive period comes to an end. Due to the nature of the sensitive period, full advantage should be taken of this developmental period in the child's life as they are learning at an optimal level. Adults should support the child's language to maximize the sensitive period.
They must show a positive attitude towards helping the child build their literacy skills by provided a language rich environment. "If no help is given to a child, if his environment is neglected, his psychic life will be in constant danger. Montessori identifies four stages of language development. These stages should not be rushed as each builds on the other. Children should be allowed to progress...

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