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Monitor Lizards Essay

  • Submitted by: cocoaed0322
  • on July 11, 2012
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Savannah and Black Throated- monitors
Steven Raynor Junior
English Comp.1
Sharon Carmack
June, 18 2012

Savannah and Black throated - monitors are the two reptiles I’m going to compare and contrast for you. They both are part of the monitor family which is one of the oldest and largest species on the planet. Even though they are part of the same family they both have some differences and they share some likenesses as well.
First off the Savannah monitor mainly lives in the grass lands of central Africa, generally found in Senegal, Northern Zaire, Ghana, Eritrea and Togo, while the Black throated-monitor is mainly found in the woodlands area of East-Africa near Tanzania. Black throat monitors are semi arboreal but spend half their life underground in burrows. On the other hand Savannahs spend their time basking on rocks and logs in the humid grass lands. The Black throat is an ambush hunter it usual waits outside the nests of birds to devour the parents and their young. While the Savannah goes and hunts down its prey whenever it needs to feed its self. As pets the Savannah is a good beginner reptile while the Black throat is more for experience reptile owner. Savannahs also need a well-fortified enclosure due to the fact they are known to be escape artists, while the Black throat is known to be docile in there enclosure. Savannah’s also get mistaken for white throated-monitors so when you go and buy one look for tan circles on its body instead of white circles. While the Black throat is easy to recognize when you see one, they are all dark grey to black body with a red fork tongue.
Savannahs and Black throated-monitors basically feed on the same prey ranging from insects to small rodents to even small reptiles. They both grow over four feet long and both have strong muscle tone to protect their selves in the wild. Also both use their strong tails as a first
line of defense against predators before actually using there vicious bit. Savannahs...

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