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The Mole(unit) Essay

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In today's world, we all use measurements and numbers to tell how much of one thing we have. For example we say that we have one dozen eggs, or a couple of cups, or one car. Yet, in chemistry, chemist work with miniscule particles and getting the right number is tough. In one cup of water, there are 7.5*10^24 individual molecules floating around. That’s millions of trillions of molecules just in one cup. Well, how can a scientist precisely measure the right amount of material without adding too much or too little in a reaction. Amadeo Avogadro, an Italian physicist and scientist, discovered one of chemistries most important unit, the mole.
According to AccessScience@McGrawHill, a mole is “a unit (symbolized mol) used to measure the amount of material in a chemical sample” (Mills). A mole, better known as Amadeo Avogadro's number is equivalent to 6.02E23. If you were able to count at the rate of 1 million numbers a second, it would take about 20 billion years to count out one mole (Muller, 1).   It is the unit that scientist use to count instead of using the terms a dozen, a couple, several, etc… According to Professor Hoff of the U.S. department of energy, each ounce of water contains about 28 grams of water. So an eight ounce glass of water contains around 224 grams of water. The amount of molecules in that glass is about 7.5*10E23. There is about 12.4 moles of H2O in one glass of water.
The mole comes from the scientist Amedeo Avogadro, who developed this number because the number of particles in the mole is too big to count (François, 6). Amadeo Avogadro   was a well known physicist at the time, yet he was considered a nuisance to chemistry. He made connections between physics and chemistry which other chemist and scientist did not understand. Yet, who or what made them believe in Amadeo Avogadro   hypothesis? No one at the time, but about fifty years later, an Italian scientist named Stanislao Cannizzaro used Avogadro's hypothesis to develop a set of atomic...

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