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mobile phones boon or bane Essay

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Mobile phones: boon or bane?
By Ivan DeSouza, Staff Writer
Published: April 02, 2006, 00:00
We may loathe them, but then can we really do without them? A cross-section of people give their opinions.
Remember looking at monstrous cellphones they promised would revolutionise telephony a decade back, and thinking: 'Never in my life would I be caught dead with 'that'!'
Aah, if only we'd known better ...
Just two decades on and it appears mobiles have overrun the planet!
Everywhere you turn, you see people fiddling with their mobiles. While often they can be irritating, we cannot imagine life without them today.
It's a catch-22 situation. We hate them (sometimes), but cannot do without them.
Or can we?
We asked a cross-section of people two questions.
A) Are mobiles a pain or a pleasure?
B) How would life be without mobile phones?
Kazi Najib, Vice President, BenQ Mobile-Middle East and Africa
A) To tell you the truth I'll love it as long as I know that my family is reachable easily.   This is one dream that usually does not get fulfilled, especially with the dual SIM card facility, as I always have a spare card with me at office!
Mobiles were initially perceived as a fine luxury allowing one the convenience of staying in contact family and friends.
B) Now this is serious.   For a day or two it's OK but now a mobile phone has become one of our vital organs and it would be a tragedy to miss it permanently.
Melanie Dimayuga, Supervisor- Scarletts, Emirates Towers Hotel
A) Mobile phones are the best creation ever. They are the true definition of pleasure come to life. It makes life easier.
At this stage of the development curve in human history, I would say we need to add another item to the basic elements of life.
The list should now read: earth, wind, water, fire and cellphones.
B) Life will never be the same if mobile phones are banished with just a snap of a finger. I can't ever imagine the chaos it would bring about. It's like cutting off an...

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