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Miranda v. Arizona Essay

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  • on March 15, 2012
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Law Enforcement
Miranda v. Arizona

Deon Parson

Law Enforcement
Scott White
February 10, 2012

Miranda v. Arizona

      The case that I am going to discuss in this paper is Miranda v. Arizona began on June 13, 1966 witch is about a poor Mexican immigrant by the name of Ernesto Miranda.
Ernesto was arrested for kidnapping and raping a young woman. He admitted to the crime after being interrogated by the police for two hours. He was found guilty then appealed his conviction due to the fact he said he didn’t know his fifth amendment that stated he had the right to speak with attorney and so he didn’t self-incriminate his self. The case then went to the Supreme Court.
The case went to the Supreme Court under Chief justice Earl Warren in 1966 because it was dealing with issues that were being addressed. It took about three and a half months of deliberation where his conviction was overturned in a five to four decision. The majority opinion declared that criminals must be told their rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment, and any evidence obtained from them prior to hearing their rights will have been obtained illegally. This was a very controversial problem because people figured that other criminals would be let free due to courtroom technicalities.
The Miranda case involved four criminal defendants. They were all appealing cases were officers failed to inform about their custody interrogation of his right to an attorney or to remain silent.
So, this case rite here was the grounds witch the Miranda rights what cops still use today.

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