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“Men from Mars and Women from Venus” by John Gray Essay

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“Men from Mars and Women from Venus” by John Gray

I like the book “Men from Mars and Women from Venus” of the author John Gray despite of being criticized for placing human psychology into stereotypes. Physiological differences between men and women also lead to differences of psychological behaviors and personal characteristics. As a result, there are, of course, various ideologies as coming to gender.
Are you working with the opposite sex? 你是否了解并尊重彼此的差异? Do you understand and respect each other's differences? 本书是迄今为止,关于两性情感关系最著名的作品,是最好的爱情和婚姻指南! This book is the most famous works on gender emotional relationships, love and marriage guide. 自问世以来,全球销量超过1.4亿,让千百万人走出了情感的困惑。它可以帮助你完善夫妻关系、保持美满婚姻,让爱永不消逝! It tells us how to improve the relationship between husband and wife, to maintain a happy marriage, so that love will never fade away. “Men from Mars and Women from Venus” also teach us to master the skills and art of all men and women to communicate.内容简介本书是获得与异性完美关系的最佳指南,是一本有价值、非常有必要的读物,它对理解男人和女人的沟通是一个突出的贡献。 In summary, the book is the best guide for getting perfect relationship with the opposite sex, is a valuable and very necessary reading, its understanding of the communication between men and women is a prominent contribution.
自古以来,不论中外,女性在以男权为中心的社会中都处于一种被压抑的状态。 Since ancient times, both women in a patriarchal society are in a depressed state. 社会不曾给予女性受教育与参与各种社会意见的机会,女性的作用似乎只是一个家庭的看护者,甚且在一夫多妻的社会里可能沦为男人性需求与繁衍后代的工具。 Society had not given opportunities for female education and participation in various social views, women's role seems to be just a family caregiver, but was even in a polygamous society may become a man demand offspring tools.女性的聪明才智既受到压抑,在有限的社会圈子里投诉无门,只好把满腹的不平潜藏于心,做一名杜基体装下的驯服者,或是化为泼辣抗俗,为人论柄。 女性为男人附属品的位置一坐几千年,所幸本世纪初女权运动因争取女性的政治投票权,加上战争期间,许多女人取代了男人的工作地位,女性才得以走出家庭,在社会建设上发挥其一压数千年的才干。Position of women for men accessories sit for thousands of years. Fortunately, the beginning of this century, the feminist...

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