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Mcdonalds Financial Analysis

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McDonalds Inc

Financial Analysis

Content | Page |
Overview | 3 |
Strategy:   * SWOT Analysis   * Societal Expectations   * Corporate Culture | 4 - 101111 - 14 |
Accounting AnalysisRevenue   * Cash, Cash Equivalents and Investments   * Current Receivables   * Property, Equipment and Capitalized Software   * Intangible Assets   * Income Taxes   * Policy Costs   * Net Earnings   * Liabilities | To be determined |
Financial Analysis   * Liquidity Ratios   * Profitability Ratios   * Multi Year Return on Equity | To be determined |
Forecasting | To be determined |
Valuation | To be determined |
Conclusion | To be determined |
Resources | To be determined |

What began as a barbecue restaurant opened by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940, McDonald’s has become the largest global foodservice retailer in the world. McDonalds began serving what has become some of the world’s favorite and most recognized food since 1955. McDonald’s Corporation was founded on April 15, 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois where the McDonald’s brothers were joined by Ray Kroc by opening a franchised McDonald’s, McDonald’s ninth restaurant overall. Today, McDonald’s has more than 34,000 locations in 119 different countries, and serve close to 69 million customers a day that offer counter and drive-thru service with indoor & outdoor seating options.
McDonald’s is a corporation that has built its core values intricately with each activity of business it conducts, whether it is with its customers, employees, or suppliers, McDonald’s values itself for being a well-rounded company striving for progress in every way. Over time, McDonald’s has realized its many strengths and weaknesses, and has also identified several opportunities and threats that may affect its growth. Together with a strong corporate culture, McDonald’s has become the world’s #1 foodservice retailer.

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