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S.Y . 2012 – 2013

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      Direction: Read each item carefully. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

      1. What is the division sentence for the givenillustration?




A. 6÷2 = 3                                                                         C. 6÷1 = 6

B. 6÷3 = 2                                                                         D. 6÷6 = 1

2. If we divide 85 by 5, what is the answer?

A. 14                                                                                 C. 16

B. 15                                                                                 D. 17

Problem: Mark has 55 birds. He is putting 5 birds in each cage. How many cages does he need?

3. What is asked in the problem?

A. number of cages needed                                         C. number of cages and birds

B. number of birds                                                         D. total number of birds in a cage

4. What is operation should be used?

A. Subtraction   B. Division   C. Addition     D. Multiplication

5. What are given?

A. 55 cages, 5 birds                                                     C. 55 birds, 5 birds

B. 55 birds, 7 cages                                                     D. 55 birds, 5 cages

6. What is / are the clue words?

A. how many...

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