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Maslows Heirachy Care Plan

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  • on December 20, 2012
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Maslow's Needs Hierarchy
The hierarchy of needs one of the best-known theories of motivation created by psychologist Abraham Maslow. The hierarchy is often displayed as a pyramid, with the most basic needs at the bottom of the pyramid and more complex needs at the peak.
The four lowest-level needs are what Maslow referred to as D-needs (or deficiency needs). These needs are due to a lack of something and need to be satisfied in order to avoid unpleasant feelings and to move on to higher level needs. The uppermost needs in the hierarchy are referred to B-needs (being needs or growth needs) and involve the desire to grow as an individual and fulfill one’s own potential.

Nursing Diagnosis:

  * Risk for infection related to urinary retention; intermittent straight catheterization, surgical incision and unsanitary living conditions as manifested by difficult and painful urination.

  * Compromised Family Coping; related to sometimes abusive, emotionally distant, unemployed husband as manifested by poor communication, isolation, and little money to spend on necessities. (Love and Belonging)

The selection of Compromised Family Coping for Debbie’s household describes the psychosocial climate in which the husband/wife/children are providing insufficient, ineffective, or compromised support to one other related to a medical diagnosis or the medical regimen.   This may arise from inadequate and/or incorrect information and understanding by the husband/wife or children   who try to manage emotional conflicts and personal suffering but are unable to perceive and act effectively to fulfill each other’s needs. As a result, family disorganization, role changes, crises or situations arise. The prolonged disease/progression of the disability exhausts the supportive capacity of significant people involved and emotions lead to abuse, distancing, and poor decision making in which outside resources are necessary for the Risk of infection and Compromised...

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