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Marrakech Essay

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The summary of Orwell Article
In the essay “Marrakech”, written by George Orwell, six scenes were depicted to show the colonist’s crime and the misery of the ruled. Those scenes, which described with literary techniques, present the real life of the ruled vivid. First, Orwell represented the burial of people who living under the colonial domination. So private are they that they can not afford a better ceremony for their relatives, just simple instead. Second, Orwell showed an employee’s living criteria of the municipality. The man was too poor to beg from a white skin for a piece of bread, although he should be honorably. Third, Orwell depicted the living situation of Jews who crowed into restricted zones and are horribly poor. People there are laborious and children are lack of nutrition. Forth, he presented the difficult conditions of agriculture in most of Morocco, which called “starved country”. People are invisible, for they are “the same color as earth”. Fifth, the miserable lives of the old women were showed by Orwell. They had to do heavy work like animals. Finally, Orwell saw a group of Negro who are “reverence before a white skin”.
According to Orwell, the atrocity of imperialism were exposed and condemned pitilessly. In addition, Orwell also expressed his deepest sympathy to the colonists, who were enslaved and oppressed. Orwell claimed that those native people of colonies were not considered as human beings, but as animals. Furthermore, he put forward the fact that Negro “has been taught that the white race are his masters, and they still believes it” and wondered how long before they resist.

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